IRRBLOSS - Songs from the poetry of Signe Aurell • MAJA HEURLING & OLA SANDSTRÖM

KAKAEP001 • Release 2022-09-16

2/9 Singelrelease: Josef Hillström (english version)

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In 2019 songwriters Maja Heurling and Ola Sandström released their music compositions to the forgotten poetry of emigrant and social activist Signe Aurell. After the success with the album Irrbloss in Swedish, the sequel EP in English is released with four of the songs translated into English.

As a Swedish emigrant in, Signe Aurell hoped for a brighter future in America just like nearly 250,000 other young women who traveled solo across the Atlantic in the early 1900s. The original book of poetry was self-published by Signe Aurell in Minneapolis in 1919. “When I first got the poems, it was as if a treasure landed in my lap. I immediately felt a strong connection with Signe and her passionate way of writing. I felt that she deserved recognition within Sweden’s poetic tradition” says Maja Heurling.

Maja Heurling is a songwriter and performer with several previous albums featuring her own songs. She has also written songs based on the life and work of Swedish labor writer Moa Martinson.
Ola Sandström is a composer and a guitarist. He is known for his critically acclaimed album Eldklotter, featuring musical settings of the works of poet Tomas Tranströmer.
Both Ola and Maja have performed on folk-scenes all around Sweden for many years. Their first duo album together, Irrbloss, was nominated for the Manifest Award in 2020 in Sweden.

Signe Aurell was born in Skåne, in the south of Sweden in 1889. Aurell moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1913 where she worked as a seamstress and a laundress in various homes. She was an activist for workers’ and women’s rights with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and published in many Swedish language periodicals in the US. Fellow immigrant, IWW activist and protest singer Joe Hill was falsely accused of murder during Aurell’s time in the US. She fiercely protested the conviction of Hill, writing and publishing two poems about him. She returned to Sweden in 1920 and died close to her childhood home in 1975.

The poems on the EP were translated by Professor Emerita Anne-Charlotte Harvey (University of San Diego), Maja Heurling and PhD Marcus Cederström (University of Wisconsin). Cederström is also the author of the dissertation In Search of Signe, which originally sparked the Irrbloss project.

Maja Heurling and Ola Sandström: Vocals and guitars
Livet Nord: Violinquinton
Daniel Wejdin: Double-bass
Poetry: Signe Aurell
Music: Maja Heurling and Ola Sandström
Arrangements: Ola Sandström
Co-arrangers: Maja Heurling, Livet Nord, Daniel Wejdin
Producer: Maja Heurling, Ola sandström, Livet Nord, Daniel Wejdin
Recording: Daniel Wejdin and Livet Nord
Mix/Master: Johannes Lundberg
Layout and cover image: Maja Heurling


1. Josef Hillström
2. Alone
3. Little Barbro
4. To My Home


Singel inför kommande albumrelease, en EP med fyra översatta spår från Irrbloss-albumet som släpptes 2019. Release av EP 16/9.
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Release 2022-09-02


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